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Nurol Makina ve Sanayi A.S.was founded in 1976 to construct turnkey industrial plants and perform large scale contracting regarding steel construction and machinery production. Nurol Makina has also started activities in the field of defense industry after the commencement of the activities of the defense industry and the establishment of the Undersecretariat for Defense Industries in Turkey. Nurol Makina established its facilities at Sincan, Ankara Industrial Zone in 1992. Until today, Nurol Makina has carried out several important projects in an indoor area of 17.000 m2 on a land of 50.000 m2, with its qualified and experienced personnel. Not only its high technological facility, high design experience, advanced design infrastructure and experienced engineering workforce and also by;
  • Advanced test and measurement equipment,
  • Four-and five-axis CNC machine tools,
  • Large size laser and plasma cutting machines,
  • Horizontal and vertical lathes,
  • One of various capacities, including 2000 tons of
  • hydraulic and eccentric presses,
  • 3D coordinate measuring machine (CMM), and
  • a wide range of measuring instruments,
  • Aluminum and steel welding (TIG, MWIG / MWAG) lines,
  • Various welding equipment,
  • Welding rotator,
  • Paint,
  • Assembly lines,
  • Non-destructive testing (X-ray, ultrasonic inspection, and so on.)
  • The vehicle test track and the pool
Nurol Makina has high production capability and qualification experience.

The design and production in Nurol Makina is maintained by the help of advanced engineering software, offering high-quality products to the industry with Computer Aided Design (CAD), Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems and machines with advanced technologies and testing infrastructure.

Nowadays; Nurol Makina ; with over 20 years experience at the defense industry and high level abilities, designs indigenous systems and offers special purpose vehicle solutions such as EJDER 4x4 and 6x6Wheeled Armored Vehicle family, Riot Control Vehicle (TOMA), Armored wagons and Armored Cash Transportation Vehicle. Nurol Makina, designs and produces armored and non-armored shelters that are compatible with NATO, ACE and ISO standards.
Nurol Makina also has great experience on production and design of additional armor sets (Add-0n Armours) that can be bolted, command-and-shooter cupolas and CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear) system solutions.

Nurol Makina , also emphasizes on qualification of the products in accordance with international quality and military standards. Development and improvement activities of the quality of the existing products are carried out continuously. Furthermore, the concept of logistic support starting from the design stage and continuing throughout the life cycle is one of the important subject that Nurol Makina works on. Nurol Makina examines user feedbacks sensitively and carefully. Also maintenance and repair services that are provided throughout the life cycle of systems, play a big role in providing user satisfaction and strengths the link between the user and Nurol Makina.

With existing and new products, in the fields of defense and homeland security, Nurol Makina continues to increase its operations in domestic and overseas markets.In domestic market, Nurol Makina generates indigenous solutions that meet the requirments of the Turkish Armed Forces and the National Police.