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Main principles of our Human Resources policy are as follows:
  1. Provide adoption of contemporary management mentality in order to obtain target-driven and qualified staff and provide contribution to this mentality to support the performance fully,
  2. To provide and improve qualified work force and ensure continuity,
  3. To provide the personnel with optimum working conditions according to their education, skills, information and abilities and to provide them with equal opportunities in terms of professionalizing and improvement,
  4. Providing maximum efficiency, promoting the personnel and ensuring the labour’s worth through performance-based assessment,
  5. To provide a peaceful and efficient working environment and human relations, which will increase the will to work, loyalty to the company and the respect between the top management and the personnel,
  6. To provide the personnel at each level with the conditions that increases efficiency and provides occupational safety,
  7. To keep the personnel spirits high,
  8. To recruit the personnel within the staffs approved by the authorised bodies.