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Weapons that cause holocaust on earth are called “Weapons of Mass Destruction”. When WMD is considered, the first thing that comes to mind is Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) threats. Nurol Machinery & Industry Co., Ltd. (NMS) provides system solutions against these threats.
Today, CBRN becomes a threat and endanger not only for the military or security forces but also for civilians. CBRN threats, affects everyone exposed to it in the environment where it is used. Within this scope, NMS offers solutions against CBRN threats in the civil area and the area of defense by developing different CBRN capability packages.

CBRN Capability Package Developed Functional Areas;
  • Collective Protection,
  • CBRN Protected Infrastructure and Buildings (Dugout Shelter),
  • CBRN Reconnaissance Vehicle,
  • CBRN Rapid Respond Systems
  • CBRN Mobile Field Laboratory
  • KBRN Reconnaissance Vehicle, giving depth to the battlefield, is extremely functional within the scope of detecting and diagnosing the CBRN threat, sampling, partially analyzing and early warning and it supports the command and control requirements. Standard NMS “CBRN Suite”, minimizing the response time in case of emergency, was created for the CBRN tasks such as “Detection, Diagnosis, Sampling, Protection and Marking”. The vehicle can be designed in different combinations according to customer’s requirement and demand.
  • In order to rapid interfere to CBRN crisis and incidents; “CBRN Rapid Respond Vehicle” and “CBRN Intervention Package” are prepared for CBRN Rapid Respond Team. They consist of the followings;
CBRN Rapid Respond Vehicle
CBRN Intervention Package
Detection and Diagnosis Package
Decontamination Capability
Personal Protection Equipment
CBRN First Aid Pack.
  • In order to monitor the Chemical and Biological contaminations, “Mobile Biological, Chemical Sensing and Monitoring Vehicle (Capability Package) is designed. The vehicle is modular, able to meet the needs within the frame of institutional duties and obligations and it can be modified and developed according to customer needs.
Mobile Biological, Chemical Sensing and Monitoring Vehicle
Detection Diagnosis and Sampling Package
Decontamination Capability
Personal Protection Equipment
  • KBRN First Aid Pack
Armored CBRN Mobile Field Laboratory; is manufactured and designed with the Spanish firm Indra and entered the inventory of Turkish Armed Forces. The system provides highly functional ergonomics and algorithm to support dynamics of “Detection, Diagnosis, Monitoring, Analysis, Sampling, Decontamination, Protection and Command and Control” under all environmental conditions. The system provides its own energy and can continue to operate even in all contaminated areas. System solution is in the forefront as compared with the rare examples around the world.

  • CBRN Protected Underground Facilities; are extremely important facilities in terms of meeting the CBRN threat, managing the destruction and confusion of NR effect, protecting the public, being able to continue medical treatment in all circumstances, and especially ensuring continuity of missions of critical managers and decision-makers. It can be installed for different purposes such as;
Dugout Shelters (VIP and General Purpose)
Operation Centers
Underground Hospital
Disaster/Crisis Management Center
War Headquarters