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ILGAZ 4x4 Internal Securetiy Vehicle PDF Print E-mail

ILGAZ 4X4, satisfies the operational requirements of military units and security forces in rural and urban areas. It is a dynamic, agile, modular, versatile, easy care and low maintenance security vehicle. By its great features, ILGAZ 4X4 is an ideal platform for various applications such as; Internal Security ,Personnel Carrier ,Combat Vehicle ,CBRN Vehicle ,Weapon Carrier Vehicle by its customizable design .

Outstanding Off-Road Capability

  • Outstanding off-road capability and trench crossing with large andwide tires.
  • High capability of gradient climbing.
  • High capability of side slope crossing.
  • High angle of approach and departure.
  • High capability of step climbing.
  • High capability of trench crossing.
  • High ground clearance.
  • High maneuverability

Tactical Features

Ilgaz 4x4
  • Door configurations that provides easy and fast get on/off of the crew, in operation field.
  • Seating layout that provides easy, comfortable and ergonomic travel for crew.
  • Easy use gunport.
  • Outstanding ergonomic/comfort features.


Mobile/Tactical Performance Features

  • Fully automatic transmission
  • 4X4 off road type run-flat tires with Bedlock system. (optionally; in accordance with  Finabel 20.A.5 standards)
  • 2-speed gear box with high gear ratio,
  • Power Assisted Steering,
  • Disc brake system,
  • ABS,
  • Easy and fast maintenance,


Base Vehicle Specifications


9 personnel ( 2 front+ 7 back )


5.500 mm


1.800 mm


2.250 mm

Ground Clearance

400 mm

Wheel Base

2.850 mm

Gross Vehicle Weight

5.800 kg

Max. Speed

110 km/h

Cruising Range

400 km


4.7 Liter, V8 Engine

Max. Power

272 HP @ 3.600 Rpm

Max. Torque

650 @ 1.600-2.800 Rpm


0.7 m


% 60

Side Slope

% 30

Turning Radius

7.5 m



Ilgaz 4x4 Ilgaz 4x4
Ilgaz 4x4 Ilgaz 4x4

Ilgaz 4x4