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Riot Control Vehicle

By its high technology sub-systems TOMA satisfies requirements of security forces. TOMA is a very effective vehicle to ensure the interior security, fast and effective dispersion of the riots. İt is actively used in many countries such as Azerbaijan, Libya, Zimbabwe, Georgia and Kazakhstan particularly in Turkish Poliçe and Turkish Gendarmerie.


Length 7.450 mm
Width 2.500 mm
Height 3.600 mm
WheelBase(1&2) 3.600 mm

(TOMA can be integrated on to different type of chassis such as 4x4,4x2,6x4,6x2 and 6x6. TOMA can reach up to 100 km/h maximum speed and 30% gradient climbing capability. The critical sub-systems of the TOMA vehicles are are also protected against ballisticthreat)
Vtfater Dye/Gas System Features
  • Computer controlled water cannon system
  • 5.000-10.000 liter water tank capacity
  • 60 liter gas tank
  • 60 liter dye tank
  • 80 liter foam tank
  • Three different water cannon operation modes:
    • Short pulse
    • Long pulse
    • Continuous pulse
  • Can use different combinations of water, dye, gas and foam mixtures.
  • The ability of re-filling (self-prime) the water tank from lake or water wells.

Self Protection Systems
  • Side and Rear Gas Sprays
  • Armored Cabin
  • Window and equipment Protection with Cages
  • Fire Extinguisher Systems (special extinguishers systems individually for road
  • Positive Cabin Pressurization System against tear gas