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About NMS-L

NMS-L, a perfect combination of scalable armour and composite material, exhibits the years of experience gained by Nurol Makina. 

Nurol Makina designs and manufactures unique and indigenous products in support of security forces by helping to maximize the efficiency against various threats. Latest tactical wheeled vehicle from Nurol Makina, the NMS-L incorporates, unprecedented levels of protection and modularity at its weight class. Incorporating a mechanical hull, the main components of the cabin are assembled to each other using mechanical fasteners only.

Ready for all missions!

The vehicle is designed for variety of missions, offers combat troops a range of capabilities ranging from carrying weapons systems to reconnaissance missions. Prioritizing safety and modularity, the NMS-L is ready for all missions in all geographies.

Nat Stanag 4569

  • Superior ballistic, mine and IED protection according to NATO Stanag 4569
  • Fully Independent Suspension System
  • -32 °C - +55°C Operation Temperature
  • Tires and Central Tire Inflation System (CTIS)
  • 4 Side doors / 1 Rear door
  • 5-points seat belts
  • Up to 5 crew capacity
  • 150 km/h Max. speed on paved road
  • 120 km/h Max. speed on unpaved road
  • Turning radius ≤ 8.0m
  • Range 700 km (70 km/h on level road)
  • Manuel Open Turret System
  • Remote Controlled Weapon Station
  • Front Night Vision Driver Support System (Low light intensity camera with adjustable monitor brightness.)
  • Front & Rear Night Vision Driver Support System (Low light intensity camera with adjustable monitor brightness.)
  • 360° Driver Enhancement System (360° stiched dome view with 4 cameras)
  • Engine Bay Automatic Fire Extinguishing System (Optical sensors and manual/automatic activation extinguishers.)
  • Personnel Cabin Automatic Fire Suppression and Extinguishing System (Optical sensors and manuel/automatic activation extinguishers.)
  • Siren and Public Announcement System (Siren and control equipment.)
  • External Speech System (Microphone System) (Simplex commumincation from out to inside.)
  • Grenade Launcher (4+4 76 mm Smoke Grenade Launcher) 

Nms L Fording Depth


0.9 m

Nms L Gradient



Nms L Trench


0.9 m

Nms L4x4 Side Slope



Nms L=4x4 Obstacle Climbing


0.5 m

Nms L Kapak

NMS-L 4x4



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