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Commander's Cupola
Commander's Cupola is the system that mounted on the vehicle for Commander / driver in order to observe the outside of the vehicle. There are four pieces of periscopes and an observation equipments on the vehicle and it can be rotated 360 ° about the axis. With its special aluminum alloy and unique geometry, the commander's cupola provides high ballistic protection. Non-slip surfacetreatment and coating applied according to military specifications are available.

Gunner's Cupola
Gunner's Cupola which is a product of provides necessary ballistic protection for Gunner with its indigenous design. Cupola is covered with armor steel. İt provides 360 ° rotation and visibility.
  • 12.7 mm machine gun.
  • Protects gunner with armored body. Armour steel is convenient to MILA46100
  • The cupola has a seat for the gunner.
  • The cupola is 360 ° rotatable about its axis.
  • Special surface treatment against sliding down of the gunner and coating application according to military specifications are available.