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25-mm Dragar Gun Turret System
The weapon system provides electronic target tracking and aiming, and successful shooting probability at ali kinds of weather conditions and on every kind of terrain. Weapon system can easily be mounted on the vehicle and compatible with NATO standards.
  • 25 mm cannon as main gun and 7.62 mm as coaxial machine gun.
  • Day/night operation, electronic sighting and tracking in ali environmental conditions.
  • Shooting between +48 °, -11 ° in elevation and 360 ° in azimuth capability.
  • Special aluminum alloyed light body and steel armor kit which can be bolted.
  • Smoke grenade in triplicate on each side.
  • Sealing, corrosion resistance and paint compatible with NATO standards.


  • N-2000 Weapon Station
    With ignition fi ring system that inside and feeding system that filled from inside , the N-2000 Weapon Station, has 12.7 mm machine gun. N-2000 Weapon Station also has night shot capability. The system can be rotated manually from inside between -20° and+60° in elevation and 360° in azimuth (multi-turn). With 4 M-27 periscopes, it has good sighting capabilities.
  • Ammunition Capacity: 100 pes in Ammunition Box and 65 in Supply Path (Total 165 Units)
  • Aiming: DNP-28 ASELSAN 3th Generation Day & Night Vision System,
  • Weight (Armed): 330 KG
  • Height: 630 mm (on the vehicle)
  • Power Supply: 24 Volt (with Slip-Ring)
  • Road Lock: 0 0