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To Ensure the Safety of the Community; Original, Outstanding Road And Off-Road Performance
Ejder TOMA, meeting the need for fast and effective intervention of Security Forces, is a vehicle having 4x4 mobility and fully independent suspension. Ejder TOMA, originally designed by Nurol Machinery, with its outstanding road and off-road performance, is mission capable of not only in settlements but also in rural areas.

Water Cannon System:

  • Manually controllable monitör system with computer interface
  • 60 m stream range
  • Horizontal Range of 360°, Vertical Range in between -8° and +60°
  • Radial velocity of 25° per second
  • 3 different firing modes: short/long/ continuous pulse
  • Different combinations of shooting mixtures of water, dye, tear gas and foam.

Vehicle Protection Systems:

  • High ballistic protection
  • Cabin protection against external gas attacks
  • Gas injection system (creating a cloud of tears) to prevent intervention of demonstrators to vehicle
  • Ballistic-protected critical systems - Special design to prevent climbing on the vehicle


Dimensions Over The Picture

Speed 90 km/h.
Menzil 750 km
Gradient %30
Side Slope %20
Fuel Tank 300 it.
Water Tank 5000 İt.
Wheels 395/85R20 + Run-Flat
Engine 6-cylinder and 4-stroke, water-cooled diesel Euro3 Turbo intercooler, direct injection
Power-to-weight Ratio 15 HP/ton
Max. Torque 1100 Nm (1200rpm)
Gear Automatic 6 forward, 1 reverse
Direksiyon Hydraulic
  • Height-adjustable front bulldozer to overcome the barricades
  • Closed-circuit TV system, video recorder DVR system, and capability of recording with the camera which is on the same axis with the water cannon and able to magnify the images
  • Announce, siren and lighting system
  • On vehicle equipments protected with steel case against stones and impacts
  • Capability of extinguishing the fired roadblocks and vehicles
  • Capability of extinguishing the flames on and under the vehicle

Other Systems:

  • Navigation System
  • Camera and Imaging System
  • Hydraulic bulldozer system
  • Channel Mobile Network Video Rocording System
  • Lightbar with Elektronic Siren and Anounce System