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TOMA (Riot Control Vehicle) PDF Yazdır e-Posta
TOMA vehicles may be manufactured in various configurations according to the demands of the armed forces. Beside their computerized water spray system, TOMA vehicles also feature Water, Paint and Gas Injection systems. TOMA vehicles have water tanks of 6,8 and 10 tons capacity varying according to their models and they have 60 litres of gasholders, 60 litres of paint tanks and 90 litres of froth tanks. In addition to their Short and Long Duration Injection and Continuous Injection systems, TOMA vehicles also contain 4 types of injection systems consisting of plain water injection, water and paint injection, water and gas injection, water-paint-gas injection. TOMA vehicles have systems for preventing injuries and protection against threats. These systems are comprised of the following:
  • Ballistic protection (in line witti Level III A in NIJ Standards) in the vehicle cabin, fuel tank, battery and air reservoir,
  • Special design that prevents climbing to the vehicle,
  • Bulldozer with height adjustment for crossing the barricades on the streets and closed circuit TV system, image recording DVR system, recording facility with zooming capacity used for identifying the criminals in the riots/ demonstrations and for the feedback trainings of the users,
  • Announcement, siren and light system,
  • Protection for ali the window and lighting equipment against stones and/ or impacts with steel case, Fire foam that could be shot from the water reservoir for extinguishing the burned street barricades and other vehicles on the streets, Gas spraying facility through several gas injection points on the vehicle for preventing the demonstrators/rioters from climbing to the vehicle and fire foam spraying (both over and under the vehicle) facility for preventing the vehicle from burning caused by Molotov cocktails or in cases where the vehicle is crossing over other combustible materials.